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Elise Neal discusses Rick Ross’ health

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Earlier this year, Elise Neal, of “The Hughleys” and “All of Us,” dated Rick Ross. While their relationship did not last, Elise Neal’s concern for Ross did. Neal said she saw this coming because she felt Rick Ross was being overworked.

While Elise Neal did not mention any names, she did say “they” had him working too hard doing music videos, tours, and shows. More than likely, the actress was speaking on Def Jam. Rick Ross is not an old man, but she pointed out how Ross is not quite young either.

Elise Neal went on to say Rick Ross probably should have stopped touring after the first seizure. It was a sign, then, he needed to slow down. Even after the second seizure, Rick Ross continued to push. Now, he is preparing for his show in Greensboro, North Carolina.