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50 Cent speaks on Rick Ross’ seizures

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

50 Cent and Rick Ross are a lot of things. Both rappers have enjoyed runs as the biggest names in the game. There are many similarities between Rick Ross and 50 Cent, but the two will never be mistaken for friends. Dissing 50 Cent in 2009 did wonders for the then-regional Rick Ross.

For most of 2009, Rick Ross and 50 Cent traded disses and insults online. Early in 2010, Rick Ross declared himself the winner of their war of words. By the summer, Ross proved this and established himself as one of the major players in the rap game. Two years later, it is clear Rick Ross is a force to be reckoned with.

While Rick Ross is dominating the rap game, he is not invincible. He has had a tough day, today, suffering from two seizures. Ross was boarding a plane for Memphis when he suffered his first seizure. He was preparing for his Memphis performance when he had his second seizure. Many artists have reached out to Rick Ross, sending him ‘get well soon’ messages.

50 Cent, while not delcaring a truce, offered words of advice to Rick Ross. He said Ross needs to take care of himself. Saying he would do everything except pray for the boss, 50 Cent said he did not want him to die from the seizures. 50 Cent revealed his grandfather also suffers from seizures, so he does understand what his rival is going through.

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  1. 10.05.11 at 12:22 pmCounty of Kings@micah i can answer your qsuetion. yes he lied which makes him fake in my eyes, because of his lying, not his job, but because of his lies.he lied because he knows alot of ignorant niggas out there will hate on him because he wore a uniform. thats it, since when are niggas using they brain to think it thru, all niggas know is if you wore a uniform your a cop for life. co’s are not cops, not at all. co’s, and cops can be legit squares or dirty ass street niggas. i dont know which one ross was or is. i just know that wearing a uniform doesnt disqualify you from rapping in my eyes. alot of rap fans feel like if u wore a uniform u cant rap ever.i think thats why he lied, admiting to wearing a uniform will kill your career. lucky for him 50 took the bait and resurected his career cuz he was dead and stinkin for almost a year until he jabbed 50, then 50 made him a household name, and his music carried him past the beef and scandal of wearing a uniform.

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