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Should Birdman take over at Def Jam?

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Coming out of his hiatus, Irv Gotti discussed a series of topics with MTV’s RapFix. Among the things Irv Gotti talked about was Def Jam. The label was seen as the mecca of hip hop, but things have not been the same over the past few years. Gotti said hip hop without Def Jam is a problem.

During his interview, Irv Gotti said he was discussing this issue with Jimmy Iovine, the head of Interscope Records. When he was talking with Jimmy Iovine, he told him the new label in hip hop is Cash Money. Irv Gotti pointed out how there is no denying Cash Money, but it is no Def Jam.

Throughout the course of hip hop, there have been several other labels. Bad Boy Records, Roc-A-Fella Records, and Irv’s own label, Murder Inc., have been met with success. Despite their success, Irv Gotti said there will never be another Def Jam. Even though hip hop is still successful, Irv Gotti said Def Jam has to be the focal point of hip hop.

Def Jam has been very successful over the years and has continued to dominate with the ever-popular artists on their label, Kanye West, Ace Hood, and Rick Ross, among others. While Def Jam is dominating, it is not the way it used to be. Cash Money Records, on the other hand, has had a legacy, which has rich history in its own right. Before he decided to rap, Birdman was simply known as one half of the CEOs of Cash Money, back when the label was still on the local level in New Orleans.

Cash Money Records has experienced all types of success and has a nice deal with Universal Records, which has allowed sub-labels, such as Young Money, to emerge. Def Jam had a similar deal, during its early days, with Columbia Records. However, Def Jam was purchased by MCA, which eventually morphed into the Universal Music Group. Currently, Cash Money Records is riding its third wave of success, with the first being on the local level, the second being the Hot Boyz, run and then there is now.

Birdman and Slim are obviously doing the right things to make Cash Money successful. Irv Gotti said the first thing Def Jam needs is a real CEO who cares. While he wants the job, he is willing for anyone, who is able, and who cares, to take the job. Irv Gotti is even ready to see his rival, Chris Lighty, take over the label if he wants to. Of course, Birdman is under contract with Universal Records for several years. But, if things were different, could Birdman be the person to right the ship at Def Jam?