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Irv Gotti sounds off on Lloyd, regrets working with Nas during Jay-Z feud

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Two years ago, Irv Gotti and Lloyd had a very public split, when Lloyd wanted to leave Murder Inc. Records. Lloyd publicly announced he was off the label. Irv Gotti denied this, days later. For months, Lloyd fought for his freedom.

Lloyd said he was leaving Murder Inc. because Irv Gotti was too involved in his projects. Irv Gotti then referenced Lloyd’s appearance on his “Gotti’s Way” show, when Lloyd wanted more input from him. The feud was born then.

From everything to the 50 Cent feud to Jay-Z, there are many unanswered questions from Irv Gotti and his company. The embattled mogul took the time to speak on all of it. Recently, he sat down with MTV to discuss the issues.

In 2007, Ashanti had nearly severed ties with Murder Inc. This was evidenced in Ja Rule’s song, “Judas,” and on his single, “Body,” which featured Ashley Joi, instead of Ashanti. Before the end of 2008, Ja Rule managed to reunite with Ashanti. Many still felt there were issues between Ashanti and Irv Gotti, but Irv said all was well between them, in spite of everything.

Irv Gotti said Ashanti was not close to being as bad as Lloyd. Speaking on Lloyd, Irv Gotti said he has no love for him. After all he did to help him, the minute Lloyd wanted to leave, Irv Gotti said he let him leave and then he goes to the media making him look like the bad guy. Regardless of what happened with Irv, Gotti said he needs to remember he was going platinum and gold with him and is selling 15 copies at Interscope.

Moving on from Lloyd, Irv Gotti also spoke on his past business relationship with Nas. Irv Gotti began working with Nas in the middle of his feud with Jay-Z. Early in his career, until that point, Jay-Z counted very heavily on Irv Gotti. At one point, Irv Gotti was nearly a Roc-A-Fella insider, but all of that changed. Gotti eventually lost to Jay-Z on his bid for presidency at Def Jam.

Looking back on things, Irv Gotti said it was wrong of him to work with Nas. Putting all of the music to the side, Irv Gotti said Jay-Z was his friend. He went as far as to say he would shed blood for Jay-Z. Irv Gotti said Jay-Z already knew it was a bad move, but Irv said his ambition controls him and he was determined to make history at all costs.

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