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Will Lil Wayne respond to 50 Cent this time?

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last week, 50 Cent took shots at Lil Wayne and Game on his new song, “Love, Hate.” This is not the first time 50 Cent has decided to go after Lil Wayne. 50 Cent was used to being the focal point of the hip hop scene. However, by 2007 his popularity had waned and the people wanted more of Lil Wayne.

Angry because he was losing his grip with the fans, 50 Cent was no fan of Lil Wayne. Adding insult to injury, Lil Wayne was also friends with many of 50 Cent’s rivals. Lil Wayne performed the hook on the popular Fat Joe single, “Make it Rain.” Ja Rule even turned to Wayne for a verse on his comeback single, “Uhh Ohhh!”

Lil Wayne’s popularity and choice of friends gave 50 Cent the ammo to go after him. Despite the disses from 50 Cent, Lil Wayne refused to give him a response. Wanting an Eminem collaboration, Lil Wayne said he may start a feud with Em if he did not reply to his messages. However, each time 50 Cent said something, Lil Wayne chose to ignore it.

In 2008, it turned out Lil Wayne had intentions of dissing 50 Cent. A freestyle called “Louisianimal” leaked to the internet and it was obviously Lil Wayne taking shots at 50 Cent. Nearly a month after the song came out, 50 Cent questioned why Lil Wayne dissed him. In response, Lil Wayne’s team said the song was recorded in 2007, while 50 Cent was dissing him. By 2008, Lil Wayne and 50 Cent had almost become friends, shaking hands at the 2008 BET Awards.

Early in 2009, 50 Cent made plans for a major feud with Lil Wayne. However, a diss from Rick Ross entirely changed the dynamics. 50 Cent shifted his focus to Rick Ross, nearly forgetting all about Wayne. In the time since then, Lil Wayne has released more albums and has continued to dominate the radio waves and the charts. Rick Ross has also experienced much success, with fans and fellow hip hop artists giving him props as the biggest rapper in the game.

Now, 50 Cent is releasing new music in hopes of getting his spot back. On his “Love, Hate” song, 50 Cent responds to Game’s frequent disses and takes aim at Lil Wayne. With Lil Wayne holding the top spot in the game, will he respond to 50 Cent’s disses. Usually non-confrontational, Lil Wayne has already decided to go after Jay-Z, with his “It’s Good” track. Will Lil Wayne now refocus his energy on 50 Cent, the hip hop bully, and come out with more lyrical ammo.