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Game talks 50 Cent diss on "Love, Hate"

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In 2009, Game and 50 Cent were both preparing to release new albums. 50 Cent had seemingly fallen from grace with Dr. Dre and Interscope Records. Meanwhile, Game was moved back to the primary Interscope label and reunited with Dre. Game had spent most of the year dissing 50 Cent, but promised not to on his album.

50 Cent used this to his advantage and decided to air out all of his enemies. His “So Disrespectful” track took aim at Jay-Z, Young Buck, Game, B.G., Dr. Dre, and Interscope Records. With his album being delayed, Game never properly responded to 50 Cent’s disses. Each time Game tries to say he has reached a little common ground with 50, 50 comes back with a diss.

Recently, Game has dissed 50 Cent several times, even outing him as gay on Twitter. But, 50 Cent did not respond because he was more focused on his business ventures than petty rap beef. Before the release of his last two albums, 50 Cent attempted to diss Lil Wayne, but all of his disses were ignored. These days, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and Game could all agree on one thing, their apparent dislike for Jay-Z. Other than that, Game and Lil Wayne have become the best of friends. As this has happened, Game continues to diss 50 Cent.

Proving he always keeps an ear to the streets, 50 Cent dissed both Lil Wayne and Game on his newest track, “Love, Hate.” 50 Cent goes at Lil Wayne over his new skateboarder style and questions his sexuality, bringing up his attire here recently. From there, 50 Cent takes aim at one of his most-bitter enemies, Game, who features Lil Wayne on several songs off his The R.E.D. Album. 50 Cent brings up the 2005 shooting when he goes after Game. Poking fun at Game for never going after him, 50 Cent goes on to say he must have forgot, but not to forget he wrote most of Game’s hits.

Game is currently on his R.E.D. Tour, but he responded to 50 Cent via Twitter. Once he finds a studio, Game said he is killing 50 Cent’s “Planet of the Apes face havin ass nigga.”