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Byron Amos, former UGK Records’ executive, loses political support over Past Affiliation

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

As hip hop’s figures grow older, many of them become more politically-aware. Many move on to become professors or politicians. Byron Amos, the former vice president of UGK Records, has ventured into education.

Based in Atlanta, Byron Amos was campaigning for a spot on the Atlanta school board. It seemed as if the former UGK representer was a shoe-in for the job. However, his past has come into play and he has lost major support.

Due to his past affiliation with UGK, as pictured above, Byron Amos has lost the support of several influential teachers on the board. It was Amos’ appearances in several of the UGK videos that ended up costing him the support of the teachers. Shawnna Hayes Tavarez said she could not support Amos because what he did in those videos goes against what the ideal for the Atlanta children is. She said it would be like robbing, killing, and cheating for them.

Other teachers have maintianed their support of Amos, saying he was the only candidate actually looking out for the children.

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