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Rick Ross, not Lil Wayne, is the New Jay-Z

RozayBy The Voice
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

During the 1990s, Jay-Z built the dynasty, Roc-A-Fella Records. In the span of five years, he went from being a street hustler to being the focal point of the game. More than anything, Jay-Z wanted to mold someone in his image. Lil Wayne admitted he aspired to be like Jay-Z, but he is not.

While Lil Wayne is the biggest rapper on the planet, there are not people trying to be like him. Lil Wayne is respected for his unique style, but most men are not emulating him. Rick Ross has been accused of biting styles, but his style is often imitated. Not comparing lyrical ability and style, Rick Ross is the new Jay-Z.

Rick Ross is showing people how to do businesses, once again. In the time since Jay-Z went corporate, hip hop has not had anyone to look up to. With his frequent additions to Maybach Music, Rick Ross has provided this outlet. To many, Rick Ross has become the hustler people look up to, much like Jay-Z during his time.

Early in his career, Jay-Z helped Rick Ross get signed to Def Jam and he even executive-produced his debut album, Port of Miami. It was then when Rick Ross released his first hit, “Hustlin’,” during the summer of 2006. Jay-Z provided a verse on the official remix of the single. Rick Ross’ persona is similar to Jay-Z’s in a number of ways, as both rap about their time on the streets. For those who truly are street hustlers, the music is inspiring.

Aside from this, Rick Ross has introduced people to his Maybach Music crew, which is not exclusive to the city of Miami. After Jay-Z solidified himself, he expanded his Roc-A-Fella crew, and it was not simply an outlet for other New York rappers. Rick Ross’ focus is much bigger than rap and hip hop, as his goals are to take the corporate world by storm. With Jay-Z now spending most of his time in the office, Rick Ross has become the voice of the street, providing fans with the anthems.

Not comparing lyrical styles and places of origin, Rick Ross has filled the shoes Jay-Z left in the game.