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Jay-Z entering fatherhood Soon

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Many men have envied the life Jay-Z has. Throughout the years, Jay-Z has had a lot of money and a lot of women. He angered many men when he hooked up with Beyonce. A lot of critics wrote the couple off as soon as they got together, but they have defied all the odds.

Three years ago, the couple got married. Around the same time, Jay-Z formed Roc Nation. Ever since his Def Jam departure, Jay-Z has made more money and has become a bigger mogul. Recently, he returned to the rap game and has the highest-selling album.

Tonight, Jay-Z and Kanye West took the stage to perform their hit single, “Otis,” at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, but that was not the biggest news. Beyonce admitted she was pregnant with Jay-Z’s child. Ever since 2006, there have been rumors of Beyonce carrying Jay-Z’s child and they have now been confirmed.

Jay-Z has often rapped of becoming a father and the demons in his past leading to daughters in his future. To those daughters, Jay-Z said he would leave them shares in his many businesses. During the 1980s, Jay-Z was expecting a child, but his girlfriend at the time miscarried.