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Wale explains Maybach shift, talks Jay-Z

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Many were surprised when Wale signed with Rick Ross’ label, Maybach Music. Rick Ross is known for making big statements, so no one paid much attention when he said he may sign Wale. But, towards the end of 2010, Wale made the move to Maybach Music.

Unlike the other new artists signed to Maybach Music, Wale was already signed. Wale released his debut album on Interscope Records, but did not make much noise. Because of this, Wale was searching for a way out.

Wale already knew Rick Ross and decided to sign with him. He said despite the things people say about Rick Ross, he is actually very smart. Having seen him work the business side of things, Wale said it was a no-brainer to sign to Maybach Music.

In his short time with Maybach Music, Wale has received more recognition than he did after spending nearly a year with Interscope Records. After a talk with Jay-Z, his manager, Wale was convinced to sign with Ross’ label. Jay-Z pointed out how much buzz Gunplay, a Maybach Music artist, was getting on the underground and Wale soon paid attention. It was those words that led to Wale signing with MMG.