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Ron Browz initially offered “Ether” beat to Jay-Z

RBBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In 2001, Ron Browz quickly rose to fame, as the producer of the legendary “Ether” track. The song proved to be the winning effort from Nas in his feud with Jay-Z. While Jay-Z is considered, by many, to be among the top rappers of all-time, most agree “Ether” is on topic Hov can never avoid.

When he produced the “Ether” track, Ron Browz said he offered it to several other artists. Browz said he shopped the track around and a member of Jay-Z’s team checked it out. This was around the same time Jay-Z released “Takeover.” However, no one from his team came back to purchase the beat.

Nas eventually purchased the beat and “Ether” was born and the rest was history. Hip hop pundits reached a consensus over the feud between Jay-Z and Nas. Ten years later, Jay-Z and Nas are friends and frequent collaborators, but fans love looking back on the feud. Now, there is a new plot to the old story.