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Busta Rhymes new album nearing completion

a onblur=”try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}” href=””img style=”float: left; margin: 0pt 10px 10px 0pt; cursor: pointer; width: 320px; height: 256px;” src=”” alt=”” id=”BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5613043882300450338″ border=”0″ //aby Mark ‘D’ Thomasbr /Hip Hop Vibe Senior Staff Writerbr /br /Busta Rhymes has announced that his new album is near 90% completed, and he’s excited to release the final /br /”There’s times when you gotta go back in the kitchen and find new seasonings to make the meat taste a little better when you feed the full course meal back to the streets,” Busta said. “It was time for me to put together another full course meal that aint never been tasted the way this full course meal is gonna taste.”br /br /Although Busta Rhymes refused to divulge his new album’s title, he did state that it would follow in the tradition of his previous albums like iWhen Disaster Strikes/i, iThe Coming, Extinction Level Event/i, iAnarchy/i and iGenesis/ /br /”This is my shit. I am back in a space where I can talk about the things I love to talk about and touch on things people are a little uncomfortable talking about and really expose the truths, and do it in a way where it’s so extremely entertaining. I feel supreme right now.”br /br /As Busta’s singles are doing quite well on the charts in their own right, there’s also a remake of the song “Look at Me Now” that has soared to popularity around the /br /The remake of “Look at Me Now” featuring Busta’s rapid fire rap, has surpassed over 17,700,000 views on /br /Busta plans on capitalizing on the momentum of his recent singles by introducing new artists associated with his new label, Conglomerate /br /”A couple of my artists are finally going to get their feet wet in the music thing,” Busta said, referring to his artists Reek Da Villian and longtime associate, Spliff /br /Busta Rhymes’ untitled album is due in stores sometime in September.div class=”blogger-post-footer”div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”
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