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Wale aims to be Maybach Music’s most versatile Artist

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Upon signing to Maybach Music, Wale alienated many of his fans. Before making it big, Wale presented himself as a backpacker and his debut album reflected this. Rick Ross founded Maybach Music in 2008 and his label is all about braggado and money rap.

Despite having established the label three years ago, Rick Ross is trying to build it now. Maybach Music has a full roster of artists on it and Ross wants everyone different. Ross feels the best way to build the label is to have different types of artists on it. This way, no one should grow tired of Maybach Music.

In response to his critics for signing with Maybach Music, Wale said he will not change his style. Instead, now being with the new label, Wale wants to continue to push the envelope. The rapper said his goal is to become the most versatile artist on Maybach Music. Not only does he want to be the most versatile rapper on his label, Wale wants to be known as the most versatile rapper ever.