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Rick Ross trying to reach Mogul Status

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Having spent most of his career around Diddy and Jay-Z, Rick Ross is now living up to his debut hit, “Hustlin’.” Rick Ross went from being another rapper to the focal point in a matter of months. Realizing what beef has done for rappers like 50 Cent, Ross started and finished a beef with 50 in order to boost his career.

Upon dethroning 50 Cent, Rick Ross branched out and focused on his own projects. Like most rappers, Ross has his own independent record label. The first artist signed to the label was his group, The Triple C’s. Ross released their first album through Def Jam and it was a complete flop.

Rick Ross shifted the focus back to his solo career and he had a successful year in 2010 with Teflon Don. Ross used his album to re-launch his Maybach Music label. On the relaunch, Rick Ross added several artists, within weeks of each other, to the label. Along the way, Ross also became a part of a bidding war, eventually shunning his peers to work directly with Warner Bros. Records.

With the new deal intact, Rick Ross is trying to finish his contract with Def Jam. Once he is done there, Ross will likely join his Maybach Music roster and focus on the next phase in his career. Rick Ross is determined to be included in the Hip Hop Cash Kings list. For 2011 headed into 2012, Rick Ross plans on being involved in film projects and possible clothing line ventures. The future seems very bright for Rick Ross and the Maybach Music camp.