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Rick Ross says Wale is the next Kanye West

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Out of nowhere, Rick Ross has become one of the biggest hip hop executives. The Miami rapper has been one of the biggest rappers in the game for some time and took things to the next level. Currently, he has some of the biggest rising talent signed to his label.

When Rick Ross boasted that he might sign Wale to his label, most shrugged the comments off. However, Ross was very serious. Rick Ross silently went about his business and signed Wale. The deal came as a surprise to many and gained credibility for Ross’ label.

Rick Ross has worked closely with Kanye West throughout his career. Spanning for over five years, he knows Kanye very well. Admitting there are not many artists like Kanye West, Rick Ross believes Wale has what it takes to fit the mold. Having spent adequate time with both rappers, Rick Ross says he thinks Wale has a chance to become the next Kanye West.