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Lil Wayne discusses Post-prison life and Retirement

Lil Wayne 9 (1)By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Free from prison, everyone wants to know how Lil Wayne made his time pass behind bars. News reports said Wayne got into trouble in prison for having a cell phone and an iPod. But, for the most part, Wayne was not a problem at Riker’s Island.

For the next three years, Wayne is not to consume any alcohol, a term in his release. Lil Wayne said that has been the hardest part of his prison release. He joked that he would no longer need his sunglasses because he will actually be sober.

Lil Wayne says his prison experience will be a teaser for his fans with Drake and Nicki Minaj taking over. Wayne once said he would reitre at age 35. The New Orleans rapper still intends to end his career when he turns 35.

The focus of Young Money will then be on the other artists, mainly Drake and Nicki Minaj. Wayne said he expected them to blow the way they did. He also wants them to have the same longevity he has had in order to hold things down when he quits rap. While music will always be his life, Lil Wayne will handle more of the business side of Young Money when he retires from the rap game.