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Rick Ross gets May 24 release date for “Self Made” album

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Soon after confirming the deal with Warner Bros., Rick Ross announced a Maybach Music compilation album would be coming. After taking the game by storm last year, Rick Ross wants to keep things moving. He has three releases planned in 2011.

At the top of his list is an album with Maybach Music and their roster. Early in the year, Rick Ross added three new artists to the label. Immediately after signing, they have been forced into the studio. Rick Ross announced their album will be called Self Made.

Because of Rick Ross’ popularity, Warner Bros. did all they could to land his label. Now, with his label under their umbrella, they want to quickly have his music released. Maybach Music have a little over two months to get their music recorded and ready to go. The crew was given a release date of May 24 to release Self Made.