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Ace Hood proclaims his Superstar Status

Ace Hood (1)By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In late 2007, DJ Khaled launched We The Best Music and entered a partnership with Def Jam. The result of this partnership was the return of Def Jam South. DJ Khaled had the job of rebuilding the record label by finding Southern rappers. The first artist signed was Ace Hood, at the time only nineteen years old.

During the spring of 2008, DJ Khaled released the first single from the young rapper. His single, “Cash Flow,” which T-Pain and Rick Ross became a hit early in the summer. The video was also very popular, due to star-studded guest appearances. When his album followed, released in the fall, it seemed as if Ace Hood was on the fast track.

Following the release of Gutta, Ace Hood was practically forgotten, despite releasing Ruthless less than a year later. Many have forgotten about Ace Hood. Recently, the Ft. Lauderdale rapper made noise when he compared himself to Derek Jeter. He was clowned by most hip hop sites because he was only a minor star at the peak of his career.

Recently, Ace Hood explained that he meant he could possibly build his career into something bigger. DJ Khaled also defended his comments, saying Ace Hood is only 21 now, so his future is very bright. Right now, the rapper is the only artist signed to Def Jam South. Once his contract expires, he will join Khaled at the packed Cash Money Records. Starting on his third album, Blood, Sweat, and Tears, Ace Hood will begin working close with the family, so DJ Khaled and Ace Hood warned to expect big things.