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Shyne gives background on 50 Cent feud

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

50 Cent assumed he alienated Ja Rule from the rap game had dominated prior to 2003. Because of Rule’s success, many artists were against him. 50 Cent teamed up with these people and a nervous Ja made things worse when he went against Eminem and Busta Rhymes.

While Ja Rule created a few enemies, he still had several friends. In 2004, he worked on rebuilding his career. Ja Rule called upon R. Kelly, Jadakiss, Fat Joe, Jay-Z, and Shyne to help him out. Around the time he was working with Shyne, 50 Cent was trying to sign him to G-Unit.

Irv Gotti, the CEO of Murder Inc., was also trying to sign Shyne to his label. Because he knew Gotti, Shyne had him produce several tracks on his Godfather Buried Alive album. This angered 50 Cent and he began dissing Shyne.

For nearly seven years, 50 Cent has been insulting Shyne and now the Brooklyn rapper has opened up on exactly why. At the time, Shyne was in prison and 50 Cent called him to try and sign him. Shyne respectfully turned him down because he wanted to start his Gangland label. But, he soon recruited Irv Gotti to help out with his album, because of this 50 Cent began dissing Shyne.

While there is no chance of the two ending their beef, Shyne admitted their entire feud is nothing more than a big misunderstanding. Last summer, 50 Cent accused Shyne of re-starting the beef in order to put together his own comeback. In an odd turn of events, 50 Cent said he would stop beefing with other artists because it is benefiting them more than it is him.