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Lil Wayne announces Drake collaboration album

Lil Wayne and DrakeBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

While Lil Wayne was in prison, Drake held things down for Young Money. He kept the fans updated about Lil Wayne and announced release dates. Drake did his part in keeping Young Money afloat over the seven months Wayne was gone.

Following the release of Thank Me Later, Drake announced a collaboration album with Lil Wayne. He said their album would be released some time after the release of Tha Carter IV. As Drake was promoting his album, all talk of the Lil Wayne album ended.

Soon, Jay-Z and Kanye West stole the show when they announced their own collaboration album. Upon hearing about the album, Drake hinted towards them stealing the idea he and Lil Wayne had. While this may have been the case, Drake said he holds no ill will towards either of them, and he still plans to work with them again.

Lil Wayne has been on a tear since coming out of prison. His first project was “6 Foot, 7 Foot” and the video was officially released yesterday. The positive response to the video has Lil Wayne excited as he is back like he never left. Focusing on the future, Lil Wayne announced the album with Drake was much more than a myth. The album is coming, but it will come after Lil Wayne’s other planned collaboration albums, first with Birdman, since 2007 has been delayed, and the T-Pain collaboration album, which has been held up since 2008.

Drake wants to respect their plans with Lil Wayne before he pushes to release his own album with him.

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