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DJ Premier talks Jay-Z vs. Nas feud

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Ten years ago, the biggest subliminal feud in years had finally reached its peak. Jay-Z and Nas were two of the biggest rappers in New York City. Both rappers were fighting for position and looking to take each other out. On “Takeover,” their feud was official when Jay-Z called him out.

Upon hearing “Takeover,” Nas recorded the “H to the Omo” freestyle that called out the entire Roc-A-Fella crew. This led to Jay-Z adding two more verses to “Takeover.” On the song, not only does Jay-Z diss Nas, but he also alludes to sleeping with the mother of his daughter.

When the full version of “Takeover” was released, many crowned Jay-Z the winner of the feud. But, Nas shortly returned with “Ether” and the decision was reversed. Looking back on the feud, many people have crowned Nas as the victor. In the years since the feud, Jay-Z and Nas have become good friends and frequent collaborators, but people still take trips down memory lane.

Recently, DJ Premier looked back at the feud and he said Jay-Z was winning until the release of “Ether.” At the time, Jay-Z was the most popular rapper in the game. Because of this, it was very easy for him to bully other artists. Meanwhile, Nas was more like the older rappers in the game, rapping for the sport. But, when he was provoked, he recorded the most scathing hip hop diss record of all-time. Simply based off “Ether” and disregarding the following disses, DJ Premier crowns Nas as the winner of the feud.