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Rick Ross signs Pill to Maybach Music

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

It took four years for Rick Ross to become the face of Def Jam. He also became one of rap’s biggest names in the process. Outside of simply rapping, Rick Ross has become a major executive in the music industry. In 2008, he launched his Maybach Music label and has signed several artists to the label.

Last fall, Ross spoke of possibly signing Wale. Last month, the deal was official and Wale was signed to Maybach Music. Not even a week later and Rick Ross had added another artist, Meek Mill, to the label. Ross attempted to sign Wiz Khalifa, but he turned him down, but Meek Mill was more than happy to sign.

After two high-profile signings, a bidding war began for Rick Ross and his Maybach Music label. Jay-Z wanted to sign the entire crew to his Roc Nation label. Diddy intended to have Ross and his artists on the Maybach label to help revitalize Bad Boy Records. Birdman had said Rick Ross was close to entering a deal with Cash Money, while Def Jam wanted to re-sign him, and Warner Bros. offered a lucrative deal.

In the end, Rick Ross decided to set up shop with Warner Bros. Records and he has not looked back. It was flattering for Jay-Z, Diddy, and Birdman to recruit him, but Rick Ross wants to be their equals, as opposed to working under them. After spending five years at Def Jam, Ross wanted a change of pace, so he decided Warner Bros. Records was the best place for him to go. Barely a week on his new label and Ross has already signed a new artist, Atlanta rapper Pill, to the label.