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Will Rick Ross follow in Jay-Z and Diddy’s footsteps?

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Rick Ross pulled off a boss move when he landed an exclusive deal with Warner Bros. Records. When he first came into the game, Rick Ross was nothing more than a rapper. Jay-Z helped him land a lucrative deal with Def Jam, while he was CEO.

While Jay-Z would soon step down from his executive role at Def Jam, he and Ross bonded. The two recorded together several times. Jay-Z assisted Ross on his classic “Maybach Music” song off Trilla. The song resulted in Ross launching a Maybach Music label.

Initially, Rick Ross was a part of Slip-N-Slide Records, but they let him go. Still a part of Def Jam, Rick Ross was taking advice from Jay-Z about business. Soon, he added a roster of local talent to the Maybach Music label and even some out of state talent. While Ross was building his label, his stock was increasing rapidly. Many sub-labels wanted to have him on their roster.

After conquering Goliath with his Teflon Don album, Rick Ross and Diddy became the best of friends. The two had been hanging out and Diddy hailed him as the next Biggie. Last summer, the two teamed up to form the Bugatti Boyz and have not looked back. Diddy had hopes of signing Rick Ross to Bad Boy Records, but he was also left out in the cold. Rick Ross has taken in all of the advice from Diddy and Jay-Z, as they branch out into other ventures.

In the near future, Rick Ross may find himself venturing into other products as well, as his Maybach Music imprint is expanding and at a rapid rate. With Warner Bros. Records behind him, will Rick Ross soon be joining Jay-Z and Diddy as one of the top hip hop entrepreneurs?