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On the Rise: Local Thoug

By Mikey T The Movie Starbr /Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writerbr /br /Recently, Hip Hop Vibe caught up withnbsp;New Yorknbsp;rapper, Local Thoug. Currently, he is hard at work on his debut mixtape, emTake It Off/em. He has been at the freestyle level for some time and he decided it was time for him to make the next step in his career. Local Thoug has major plans for the New Year, which includes him gaining recognition in the /br /Not only does Local Thoug want to break in the game for himself, he is also doing this for hip hop. He wants to change the way the game is being played. Mikey T The Movie Star caught up with Local Thoug and he discussed his background, his goals, and his inspiration. Overall, Local Thoug’s main influences are the legendary Big L and /br /HHV: How are you Getting into the Game ?br /LOCAL THOUG: That’s easy.. Strong arming. Using the Internet as a tool I can keep bombarding people with my music until they listen and I know once they do they will be /br /HHV: How Long Have you been making music ? Who would you like to work with?br /LOCAL THOUG: All together I’ve been rhyming for 11 years now. I am, however, fairly new to the booth as I just started recording in recent months. I already get reviews that far surpass anything I ever thought I’d hear somebody say in reference to my music so I’m anxious to see what it’s going to be like when I become one with the mic and the headphones. If I could do a song with anybody I wanted, honestly it would be A-Mafia. He reminds me of Big L (RIP) to an extend and he does it gracefully without imitating him. The energy that I feel when listening to A-Mafia is very similar to the energy I get from listening to Big L and that makes for a great project. Joell Ortiz would also be high up on that list. To me he captures the 90’s raw rap gutter flow and spits it in a modern way. He single handedly restored my faith in the rap game so it would be an honor and a privilege to do a song with /br /HHV: Artists That Influence you ?br /LOCAL THOUG: Big L made a huge impact on my rhymes and still does to this day. When I listen to his music it gives me puts me into overdrive and when I’m in one of those moods it shows in my music. Obviously The Notorious BIG (RIP) was one of my greatest influences but for not so obvious reasons. In my eyes, around the time BIG came out the game was due for change and he brought it. When everybody else was rapping about struggling to make a living BIG was rapping about escaping the hold of the struggle only to make a killing and live a lavish lifestyle. Once that happened every rapper became a baller over night. That was cool for a while but anything gets boring after time and there are only so many ways you can say the same thing. I feel as if BIG were still here he would already have lead the industry in a new direction and the game itself would be in much better shape right now. He wasn’t just a rapper but also a leader and a strong one at that. Even with all the talent out there today, without BIG its like the blind leading the blind. It is because of this that I aspire to think outside the box with many of my projects. As far as people in my life who have contributed to my success first on the list is my big bro “Southside Drama” (G.R.I.T.S GANG.) The main reason I even started putting effort into rhyming is because i wanted nothing more than to do a song with him. Next up, myyyyyy man, Hodi aka F DOT. When I say nobody makes beats like Hodi I mean nobody. Aside from all the advice and words of encouragement he has given me over the years Hodi’s beats had a lot to do with molding me. When one of his beats are playing it puts me into a zone and while I’m there I do some serious damage. I don’t know exactly how or why but they trigger some kind of chemical reaction in my brain almost like a drug. I can go on for days listing people but I just want to leave you with a “last but not least.” Raymond Rogers (RIP) better known a Freaky Tah of the Lost Boyz. Without him the bond in 134 and Guy Brewer would never have been nearly as strong as it is. This bond is what keeps me motivated when I have no other reason to /br /HHV: What Lyrics Are you touching on in you music ?br /LOCAL THOUG: My lyrics are based on a combination of things. Mainly any emotion that the particular instrumental brings out of me and what my life situation is like at the time i decide to sit down and have my way with the track. Since I’m a fairly well rounded person who associates with individuals from many contrasting demographics, I have experienced a variety of things that many people are not fortunate enough to be exposed to. As a result you can expect my style, as well as content, to switch up from song to /br /br /HHV: what impact do you want to have on the game . br /LOCAL THOUG: I set the bar pretty high for myself on this one. I want to be the new standard of what hip hop is supposed to sound like. There are so many underground artists that I’d much rather listen to than just about anybody who’s already on aside from a select few. I would like to put a marketable look and swag to underground style real rap in order to open the flood gates for many aspiring artists who don’t get the credit they deserve. If I end up a superstar I will collaborate with unsigned artists on a regular basis and back the music with my own money if need be. The game is overdue for change and since BIG isn’t her to change it again we all need to do our part. Teamwork is the key and keep in mind “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” In this day and age the downfall of hip hop is my enemy and anybody who’s trying to do something about it is my friend. It’s time to do /br /HHV: Final Words amp; Shout Outsbr /LOCAL THOUG: First and most importantly I’d like to thank the fans. Always remember that art is can not be art if there’s no one there to appreciate it. I want to thank my grandparents Thomas and Hellen Lisante (RIP) for raising me to be a good man and for watching over me from wherever they are now. Shouts to my G.R.I.T.S GANG, 134, and the whole LB Fam.. Individual shouts to Southside Drama, F Dot, D Eze (,) Troyal T, Aaron, Scrilla Gudda, J Ball, B Wild, R.O.D., Jay Jugga, Bro D, Rey Nuggz, A Million Bars, Kridakal MOA, and many many more. This is Local Thoug signing off.. 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