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Nas discusses “The Lost Tapes, Vol. 2”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Having not released an album since 2008, Nas had gone back into the studio late in 2009. He hoped to release an album sometime in 2010, but ended up recording with Damian Marley. To close the year, Nas still hoped Def Jam would release a second installment of his Lost Tapes album series.

However, Nas and Def Jam have been having problems ever since he tried to release Nigger. The rapper was going to release an album that had shock value. With Jay-Z at the helm, Def Jam was going to release the album. However, once Jay-Z left the label, the problems truly began for Nas.

The problems have come to a head for Nas and he is demanding they release his album or release him. Nas is tired of being bullied by the label and he has taken action. He was so convincing that Def Jam was almost forced to release The Lost Tapes, Vol. 2 after the fans joined his protest. Despite the strong push from the fans, Def Jam still ignored the pleas.

Nas is tired of fighting and he is willing to sign an independent deal if it means finally releasing his new material since it appears as if Def Jam is bored with him. Initially he had hoped for a major promotion to go along with the release of his new album. Now, however, just to get it out, Nas may release it along with his next album and a free deluxe edition. With everything that is going on, Nas told fans not to expect this next album to be released through Def Jam.