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Drake hits back at Lil’ Kim

Drake (1)Unlike most rappers in the game, Drake tries to be non-confrontational. Ever since Young Money was founded, one thing Lil Wayne does not tolerate is beef. His aim is to build relationships with anyone willing to create. Seeing where his crew is in the game, this has paid off very well for him.

Drake’s name has come up a few times when underground rappers mention him. But, Drake sees through this and does not respond. By responding, he puts them into the game and the other rapper feeds off of him. This is not the type of game he likes to play.

Much like Drake, Nicki Minaj also loves to stay free of drama. But, ever since she signed with Young Money, female rappers have been trying to diss her. Lil’ Kim has been the most-recent female rapper dissing Nicki Minaj. Kim feels her style has been taken by Nicki Minaj.

Last week, Lil’ Kim performed at a concert in Queens, New York announcing her comeback. Last month, it was revealed that Jay-Z’s Roc Nation had signed Lil’ Kim. She had planned to release her comeback album last summer, but Atlantic Records pushed it back. Following a dispute with Atlantic, she left the label. Since she has been working this out, Nicki Minaj has been bringing the art of femcee back. Feeling as though homage should be paid by Minaj, Lil’ Kim dissed her on stage.

Yesterday, Lil’ Kim explained the diss, saying she did not hate Nicki Minaj. Instead, all she wants is for the rising star to acknowledge where she got her style from. Drake has watched the situation play out and he has decided to stand by his label mate. Initially, he said he could not diss Lil’ Kim because of the impact she has made on the game. But, because of the way she has been acting, Drake said she does not deserve homage from anyone. Growing up, he was a fan of Lil’ Kim, but he no longer has respect for her.

Not only does Drake not have respect for Lil’ Kim, but he also has no respect for the people who went on stage and made fun of Nicki Minaj. Despite his feeling of disdain for Lil’ Kim, Drake said he has no plans of recording a diss record. However, he does expect to hear one from Lil’ Kim in the near future.

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