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50 Cent and G-Unit could possibly Head to Def Jam

div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”a href=”” imageanchor=”1″ style=”clear: left; float: left; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”img border=”0″ src=”” //a/divDuring his time at Interscope Records, 50 Cent built quite a roster for his sub-label, G-Unit Records. The label was home to 50 Cent, the G-Unit group, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, The Game, Tony Yayo, Spider Loc, Olivia, Mobb Deep, M.O.P., and 40 Glocc. However, following this, the label began to fall apart. An internal feud between 50 Cent and The Game led to one of the quickest downfalls in hip hop /br /50 Cent attempted to move G-Unit Records on past The Game feud, but this new movement was not met with much success. In 2006, 50 Cent had planned to release his third studio album, but he wanted to release albums from Lloyd Banks and Young Buck first to make his comeback even bigger. However, Banks’ album ended up flopping and Young Buck did not have a proper lead-in. This threw everything off and Buck and 50 did not release albums until /br /It would be in 2007 when it was revealed just how broken up G-Unit Records was. 50 Cent soon revealed that he was holding Young Buck in the same position that he held The Game in two years prior. Then, just in time for the spring of 2008, Buck revealed that he and 50 Cent had been feuding ever since 2006. Soon, he and The Game ended their feud and promised to collaborate with each /br /50 Cent decided to punish Young Buck by freezing him on the label. Buck cannot leave the label until he completes and releases a new album. Ever since 2008, Young Buck has been trying to leave G-Unit Records and release an album, but 50 Cent will not let him. With no way out, all that Young Buck can do is sit there and wait. The treatment that 50 Cent has been giving to Buck was being given to him by Interscope /br /The only difference between 50 Cent and Young Buck is that 50 Cent was at the end of his contract with Interscope Records. When he first signed with Interscope Records, 50 was signed to a four-album deal. After they mishandled his Curtis album, 50 Cent made his intention to leave the label public after the release of his fourth studio album. Many hoped that he would have a change of heart, but after Before I Self Destruct failed, there was no turning /br /During the summer of 2009, 50 Cent began dismantling G-Unit Records when he allowed his business partner, Sha Money XL to leave the label. Throughout the year, 50 Cent taunted Rick Ross by saying that he would move his label to Def Jam to become their new CEO. Soon, he would allow Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo to leave Interscope Records. By the time 50 Cent released Before I Self Destruct, he was the only G-Unit artist on /br /Frustrated with the way that he had been treated by Interscope Records, 50 Cent said that he was going to find an independent label to distribute G-Unit releases. As it currently stands, every artist signed to G-Unit Records has no other label they are signed to. Sha Money XL recently landed a spot with Def Jam, which is looking to rebuild. 50 Cent is looking for a label to actually promote their artists, which he credits Def Jam for doing with Kanye /br /Sha Money XL recently rejoined G-Unit Records and he is helping 50 Cent to add more artists to the depleted roster. Aside from trying to rebuild G-Unit Records and Def Jam, Sha Money XL wants to unite the two. Recently, Sha Money XL admitted that he is working hard to convince his partner, 50 Cent, to move G-Unit Records over to Def Jam as opposed to taking the independent route.div class=”blogger-post-footer”div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”
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